Rainwater harvesting in Kibaha, Tanzania

Following a visit to the church in October 2018, Ian Rankin (CED) and Rev. Reuben Ng’Wala (AICT) proposed to offer a rainwater harvesting course. The vision was to provide church members with skills that they can use to earn an income. There was a focus on women as those most likely to benefit.

The course in June 2019 was a success; everyone enjoyed the experience and after 2 weeks the church had 3 tanks of different sizes.

A group of around 9 people went on to build a tank at the pastor’s old house. As this was the first 10,000 litre tank we’d built, CED paid 50% of the cost.

In November 2019 the group built a 4,000 litre tank at their sub-church in Kivungwi to encourage the small Maasai congregation there.

In September 2021 a 10,000 litre tank was built at the other Maasai sub-church in Mbala. Work was executed by 2 experienced masons rather than by the whole trained group. Enquiries continue and one or two of those trained are keen to offer to build for others.

Who benefitted from the scheme?

The project trained 16 church members, among them 3 masons. The wider community will benefit as more tanks are constructed.

Follow-up tanks at the two small sub-churches benefit the mainly female congregations.

The follow-up tank at the pastor’s house is being shared with the local community. Kibaha church has plans to subsidise further tanks.

Who did CED partner with?

  • Africa Inland Church, Kibaha

What did it cost and who paid for it?

  • LIFE, 10-day course for 16 people: £2,482
  • LIFE, additional tanks: £2,285

Kibaha church contributed to materials costs and the pastor paid 50% of the prototype tank at his house, total £700.