Pawaga revisited, January 2019

Rob Wakeling and Barbara & Rob Brighouse have recently returned from a trip to Tanzania.

Meeting Water Committee members in Ilolompya

The main reason for their visit was to review the Pawaga Project seven years after commissioning. We were pleased to discover that all eight villages included in the project are receiving water.

Much has changed for the better for the Pawaga communities, due largely as a result of the project.

There remains work to do in terms of the management of the supply; the first four villages are using far more than their fair share of water, to the detriment of others, and this must be addressed before the planned extension of the system is built.

There are lessons here for CED, particularly in terms of education of communities, and also for the District Water Engineer (with whom we had several meetings and who accompanied us to Pawaga) and the District Executive Director. We are confident that they have a good grasp of the situation and appropriate plans to tackle the various issues. We will work with them to ensure that those plans translate into positive actions.

Posted on 13 February 2019