Tap Twinning initiative in Tanzania

We take our kitchen tap for granted, but not everyone has one. Would you like to join us in our tap twinning initiative in Tanzania? Twin your tap with someone who struggles to find sufficient water every day.

CED is building rainwater tanks for some of the poorest people in Tanzania. The water security provided makes a huge difference to the quality of life of the recipients.

We hope you will be able to share the picture with friends and have a conversation that may lead to further donations to allow the programme to continue indefinitely. We’re small; we talk to people! If you have questions, then contact Ian organised the training workshops and has met several of the happy tank owners.

Access to clean water is fundamental to development. The vision of the programme is that whole communities will benefit from having cement tanks collecting rainwater. This will be achieved by:

  • Training masons in each community to build the tanks.
  • Offering small grants to householders to encourage them to install tanks.
  • Offering larger grants to institutions such as schools and churches.
  • Helping the least well-off to have water by providing them with a small tank free of charge.

CED have been building ferrocement tanks for over 25 years. In mid 2022 we started a project specifically to train tank builders and to build tanks for marginalised people. So far we have run 6 workshops, training some 70 plus people and have built more than 80 tanks of various sizes.

CED have already received some generous donations and added funds to act as seed money in the hope of the project becoming self-sustaining through ongoing support for the marginalised to keep the teams of masons in work as demand for the technology grows.

Support the project

If you felt you could support the project then the tanks cost:

1,000 litre tank for people with greatest needs:


or £112 if you are able to Gift Aid.

5,000 litre tank for a church or school:


or £264 plus Gift Aid, provides a grant, with the recipient paying the rest of the £420 total cost.

10,000 litre tank for a church or school:


or £400 plus Gift Aid, provides a grant, with the recipient paying the rest of the £650 total cost.

10-day training workshop: £3,000, a proportion of which is paid for by the local partner.

If you would like to help with any of the above, please donate online or contact our treasurer to request bank details. (donations via the website attract a small fee). To receive a free fridge magnet please email our treasurer and include your address so we can send the magnet to you together with a Gift Aid form if you are a UK tax payer.

Share Tap Twinning with friends

Why not download our flyer to share this initiative with your church or those you know?