How Muturinde’s new rainwater harvesting tank changed her life

Muturinde and her rainwater harvesting tank
Muturinde and her rainwater harvesting tank

CED’s Alan Michell along with Pastors Charles Semwaga and George Kerere met with Muturinde Philemon inside her house in Kavumu where she shared some of her life experiences and gave feedback on her new water tank.

Muturinde lives with her 3 boys and 5 girls, aged from 8 years to 20, in their small 8m x 6m mud brick house in Kavumu village.

Muturinde and her children had been living in Burundi but had fled to escape the killing. With nowhere to go, the family stayed with her mother in another remote part of Rwanda until the Rwandan government offered her a home in Kavumu. The local community and church built the structure of the home she now occupies, and the Rwandan government contributed the iron sheeting for the roof. On completion she moved to Kavumu in 2015.

When asked how she spends a typical day she responded by saying that she looks after her cow and works on a small plot of land. Life for Muturinde is simple with no regular income. When asked how she manages to feed and clothe her family, she says “Life is a miracle”. On occasions, the Mayange sector will provide cereals for the family.

Muturinde appreciated the work of FCM and CED in providing the rainwater tank and kitchen garden, after initially thinking that these tanks were only for the returnees from Tanzania. Muturinde stated that as a result of having the rainwater tank, she could now bathe, wash clothes and plates and even give fresh water to her cow, instead of waiting to save up 200 RwF (about 17p) for a jerrycan of water.

Muturinde concluded by saying that the two most important things, that bring her happiness, were being able to adequately feed her children and to provide them with a good education. She said that this project would help her achieve these aims. Thanks, were extended to Muturinde for inviting us into her home and sharing her experiences with us.

Posted on 5 June 2019