New sustainable micro-hydro in Uganda

The Church of Uganda hospital at Kuluva, in the West Nile region of north west Uganda, asked CED how they could improve the output of their 100kW micro-hydro power generation scheme.

The scheme provides essential electricity to the hospital complex and is located in a remote off-grid area.  Jonathan Cox, one of CED’s engineers and an experienced micro-hydro power engineer, paid a short visit to the hospital before the coronavirus pandemic shut down overseas travel.

Whilst at Kuluva he helped the local technicians to inspect the power generating turbine. Before leaving the UK he had emailed information which allowed a local carpenter to make a temporary broad crested weir – Jonathan watched and advised whilst the weir was inserted into the outfall channel from the turbine. Using this device to measure water flow Jonathan was able to verify the water pressure available at the turbine.

He surmised that there was pressure loss caused by debris and internal sediment that had built up in the pipeline over its 25 year life. This, together with the worn turbine runner, was severely compromising the turbine’s power output. CED are now helping Kuluva Hospital to repair and refurbish the scheme.

Pictures of the Kuluva Hospital micro-hydro scheme

Posted on 3 June 2020