Latest news from Mayange project

Project Director Alan Michell brings us the latest news about CED’s life-changing project at Mayange in Rwanda.

The project is designed to serve a community of refugees returning to Rwanda after fleeing from their homes in the 1994 genocide. 48 out of 50 rainwater harvesting tanks and the market gardens have been completed and our partner Faith Centred Ministries are now applying the finishing touches to the project.

Alan reports:

“My last visit was in January and all communications with Pastor Charles Semwaga of Faith Centred Ministries (FCM) have been by email, WhatsApp or Zoom. The COVID-19 restrictions continue and travel between provinces is restricted. Charles expressed concern that new lockdown restriction may be implemented in Kigali due to an increase in the infection rate in the city. All of the FCM churches remain closed as a result of the restrictions, but new ways of meeting for worship as small groups in people’s homes were being implemented wherever possible. Pastor Charles has been unwell for the last few weeks and unable to make personal visits to Mayange.

The remaining two water storage tanks will be built as part of a training programme for students from the Anglican Diocese of Byumba and Solace Ministries in Kigali. However, this training has been deferred due to a COVID-19 infection increase in the Byumba area which is close to the Uganda border.

The home improvements were an important part of the project as some of the houses were very fragile. In particular their external walls lacked reinforcement around the base, cement floors and rendering.  This work is now proceeding in Kavumu village in Mayange. The photos show the work progressing satisfactorily.

One of the first things that the project did was construct a water supply bulk tank to minimise the impact of water supply problems. The Kavumu community continue to thank God for the project and the many benefits it has brought to individual families and the community as a whole.

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CED produced this video recently to thank Wilmslow Wells for Africa for their financial support for the project. It gives a good overview of the project.

YouTube video

Posted on 10 September 2020