Get involved


Everyone is invited to support our aims of providing technical help in some of the poorest areas in the world in the name of Jesus Christ.

You can join as a supporter or a member. The main difference is that “members” are Christians who are qualified engineers; “supporters” can be anyone.

Supporters and members can get involved by:

  • praying for the work;
  • donating towards the work (and helping raise funds);
  • joining a regional group;
  • chewing over things on the CED Facebook page or by email with others, including development matters, engineering solutions or the Christian life in general!
  • helping with compiling the newsletter, the website, social media, admin or accounting;
  • arranging and/or hosting our annual Open Day;
  • travelling with CED Project Managers on overseas trips to better understand the work we do (you would be expected to cover your costs and contribute to the projects you’re visiting, but you wouldn’t be expected to contribute to CED overheads);
  • talking about CED in local churches, engineering groups, and wherever it’s appropriate. CED can provide material.

Members, who are qualified Christian engineers, can also:

  • assist in individual projects;
  • carry out design work;
  • check calculations;
  • conduct site visits;
  • carry out feasibility studies;
  • supervise projects in the field.

What happens when you apply?

Applications usually arrive with the Membership Secretary by e-mail and they are then distributed to the other CED Directors for consideration at one of our four meetings a year. Usually members are soon welcomed and then they receive a questionnaire to complete about their engineering experience, specialities, overseas countries, languages and availability. Directors find this information useful when looking for help with new projects.

Sound interesting?

We would love to hear from you!