CED AGM in York, 29 June 2019

32 Members, Supporters and guests met in York Baptist Church on a day when the weather was more like that of the countries where CED operates than is normal for the north of England.

CED AGM 2019 in York

The event opened with an act of worship lead by Jonathan Appleby.

Mike Beresford (Chair) briefly introduced the Board’s summary of the purpose and vision and reviewed progress with the strategic aims.

Updates were then given – with pictures – of recent and current projects in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Bangladesh. These illustrated the range of types of activity now undertaken, with work on mini hydro, training and technical assessment being undertaken in addition to the more traditional water and sanitation schemes.

David Fulford (Member) gave a presentation on “The application of small-scale biogas in the developing world”. This gave a fascinating insight into the development of technologies for the conversion of various types of waste into energy and useable compost material. Biogas production for domestic purposes and for and small organisations is now widespread in Asia and is starting to be applied in Africa. 

In the afternoon participants had the opportunity to attend two of three workshops being run in parallel on Rainwater Jar Construction, Hydropower, and Handpumps – which had a hands-on time on a pump set up outside.

Following the formal business of the AGM, the afternoon was concluded by an open forum. This was wide-ranging but had a theme of the desire of those present to see CED’s work better known and extended.

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Posted on 11 July 2019