About CED

How we do it

CED doesn’t have projects of its own — it establishes partnerships to help local communities and organisations with their own projects.

Here’s how it works:

  • When a potential project is identified, CED works with our partners and the local community to develop concept designs and to ensure that the project is viable and is something that CED can usefully help with. At this stage a site visit may be appropriate.
  • The next stage is to prepare a feasibility study to identify what needs to be done, how it will benefit the community and what resources are needed to complete the works.
  • Now it is necessary to secure funding. This is not part of CED’s work, although we do have experience in helping others to secure funding. The feasibility study is a valuable tool in this fundraising process.
  • Once funding has been secured, CED will develop the proposal to a stage ready for construction.
  • The project may then be passed to our local partners to implement it, or we may become involved on site, usually by way of occasional site inspections to ensure all is going according to plan.
  • Review the project on completion;
  • Throughout the project CED seeks to pass responsibility at all levels, onto the recipient community to ensure they are empowered and take ownership of the project.

CED’s vision is to provide a high quality professional engineering service to the communities we work with at little or no cost. This is achieved through our network of volunteer members, all of whom are professionally qualified.