Community water project in Thar, Pakistan

Village meeting

PVDP are an established development agency in Pakistan. In 2010, together with CED, they applied for funding from the Scottish Government for a project to help rural communities. A further project was granted funding in 2013 and by 2016, sixty small communities in the Thar desert and Thar Parkar had established village committees and organised themselves to campaign for better services. With help from PVDP they dug underground water storage tanks and developed community water resources to the extent that few of them now need to make the difficult migration to irrigated areas in times of drought.

The first project included:

  1. Constructing 800 underground water cisterns
  2. Constructing 5 wells
  3. Rehabilitating 20 wells
  4. Constructing 10 ponds
  5. planting 15,000 trees
  6. Starting 800 kitchen gardens
  7. Helping local villagers develop committees to interface with the local authorities.
  8. Organising 40 workshops to train on water management, livestock management, kitchen gardening and advocacy

This project had a budget of £145,000 which was spent over 3 years.


Here is a video showing the work being carried out with PVDP in Thar Desert, Sindh. March 2012


‘Water in the Desert’ Daevoo’s Story October 2011


In January 2011 two of our members visited. A short video of the trip can be seen below:



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